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No.33 is coming!

  • Posted on 1st May 2015 by Lauren

    This Tuesday we held a drinks reception to celebrate the launch of No. 33 at Café Murano in London. The Eau de Cologne has been created to celebrate Penhaligon's 145th anniversary and is named after one of our first ever boutiques on 33 St James's Street. The venue for the launch was the original location of this boutique!

     Café Murano

    Where our first ever boutique once stood

    Around 80 guests attended the event and enjoyed delicious canapés and bespoke No. 33 inspired cocktails throughout the evening. Even the waiters wore bespoke Penhaligon's bow ties!

    No.33 Cocktail

    If you’re lucky we might share the recipe with you.

    Within the back of the venue there was a curated exhibition displaying key highlights within the brands history. These included our first ever fragrance Hammam Bouquet, our Royal Warrants and the opening of our global flagship boutique on Wellington Street, Covent Garden.

    Curated exhibition


    No. 33 will launch in all Penhaligon’s boutiques, concessions and online in July 2015.

    We’re looking forward to sharing more with you…

    • Comments
    • Victorian Posy
    • by anonymous
    • Please bring back Victorian Posy. If not, is it possible to make a one off bespoke batch, I'm sure it would sell and a limited release could demonstrate its popularity. If you know of anywhere it can be purchased could you please advise as it was my signature winter scent. Please don't abandon your old time customers.
    • Thank you for your review. We too were quite fond of the scent and we will never say never...
      by Penhaligon's customer services
    • Victorian Posy
    • by Nuria
    • Please!!! I mised my favourite fragance Victorian Posy....Bringing back !!
    • Hello! I'm afraid there are no plans to bring back Victorian Posy, but have you tried Levantium? We think you may enjoy it!
      by Penhaligon's customer services
    • Victorian Posy
    • by Fran
    • My most favourite fragrance please bring this back. I can remember Victorian Posy being taken off your shelves some years ago but it was brought back why not again? I have been using this particular fragrance since the beginning - very disappointed.
    • Hi, we apologise for the inconvenience caused by Victorian Posy's discontinuation. Have you tried any of our other fragrances? I think you would enjoy Levantium as well!
      by Penhaligon's customer services
    • Comment
    • by Isy Bevan
    • Many congratulations on your anniversary. I have to echo previous comments though to please, please, please bring back Victorian Posy! I wore this over 30 years ago and I'm lucky enough to still have a gorgeous octagonal talcum powder box that holds the faintest trace of the scent and there is truly nothing like it on the market for it's depth, warmth and lightness. Please respond... give us some hope...
    • Unfortunately there are no plans to bring Victorian Posy back. We truly apologise for the inconvenience caused by its discontinuation!
      by Penhaligon's customer services
    • Bring Back Victorian Posy
    • by Yvonne S
    • Bringing back the beautiful Victorian Posy range would be a far better way to celebrate. Launched in the late 1970's, it would even capture the nostalgia and retro chic market. PLEASE PLEASE bring back!
    • Ms
    • by Heather Harvey
    • Hurry and bring it to Cambridge.x
    • Mrs.
    • by Julie Bentley
    • Love all your fragrances - well done on your new shop.
    • Comment
    • by Rozelle Fernandes
    • I'm looking forward to the launch of No. 33. Congratulations on your 145th Anniversary. Love that you're getting your original shop back!
    • Many thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately we're not getting our shop back but were lucky enough to use it for press launch.
      by Penhaligon's customer services
    • No 33
    • by Barry Sanderson
    • Congratulations on 145th Anniversary and range of Colognes.
    • Mr
    • by James mallinder
    • Just wondering why I wasn't invited?
    • Mrs
    • by Georgina Lange
    • Wonderful to see the old shop front. I shall be interested to try No.33 but please, please bring back Victorian Posy, nothing compares to it.
    • Mr
    • by Paul waby
    • What is it like?
    • Mr.
    • by Michael Corradetti
    • Can't wait to try it.
    • Mrs
    • by Lynsey Wright
    • Really looking forward to the launch of No 33
    • Try N° 33
    • by Pierre JOOS de ter BEERST
    • Dear, Being a fan and customer since long of your fragrance English Fern. I would be delighted trying your new n° 33 to be released soon. How could we as customer and living abroad receive a "trial" sample prior a real order ? Thank you for taking care of your Belgian fans ! Sincerely yours, Pierre JOOS de ter BEERST
    • Mr
    • by Brian Strachan
    • Love the new fragrances, just need a few new candles!!
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