Nick's Perfume Collection

  • Posted on 14th August 2013 by Nick

  • Over time I've generated a rather gigantic perfume collection, which I thought I’d share with you all, having finally found the time to organise it after moving house.

    The Penhaligon’s Love Affair: I moved to London 2 years ago, and having first encountered Penhaligon’s on a trip around London with the folks from Basenotes when Amaranthine launched, I knew I had to go back to P’s to find the perfect scent for me.

    As it happened, Juniper Sling had just launched - aside from perfume (and theatre), my great love in life is gin. And I have fascinations with art-deco and corvids (the family of birds that contains crows, ravens and magpies, amongst others) so when I saw the packaging, I just had to have a bottle! I’m also crazy about Elixir, having a bit of an incense obsession, Hammam Bouquet, because I love vintage fragrances, and since starting here, have discovered a love for Opus 1870 and Zizonia. I’ll probably be buying a bottle of Vaara next!

    Aside from Penhaligon’s, I have a vast and varied collection of 146 bottles (this is the first time I’ve ever counted them and realise oh my goodness, that’s a lot!) from niche to mainstream and vintage to modern.

    I really love anything that smells a little bit weird (one of these smells like the back of packaging tape and almonds, another smells like ice cold tonic water, and another that smells like a wearable Thai green curry), or photorealistic (like the moment you stick your thumb into an orange).

    So, how many bottles do you have? Does anything catch your eye?