Mother Superior Scents by guest blogger Persolaise

  • Posted on 25th March 2011 by Lauren
  • Mrs Bennett from Pride & Prejudice – Yes, she’s a snob and she can be an embarrassment to her family, but you can’t say that Austen’s most famous mother doesn’t love her daughters. Jubilee Bouquet – with its powdery evocation of the past – is the ideal scent for her loyal, traditional nature. 

    Gertrude from Hamlet – She’s just lost her husband, her son’s going mad and the whole kingdom’s falling to pieces around her. It’s no wonder she’s fallen into the arms of the first semi-eligible man who tried to woo her. Or maybe she’s not as blameless as she’d like us to believe? Innocence and corruption combined? It’s got to be the wicked florals of Amaranthine.

    Marmee from Little Women – She is easily one of the most perfect mums ever to grace the pages of a novel. Night Scented Stock is the pillow-soft smell of smiling mothers as they kiss their children good night in fairy tales. It’s a no-brainer: the two are meant to be together.

    Maria Von Trapp from The Sound Of Music – What makes the hills come alive? How about Lily Of The Valley? It’s fresh, radiant and conjures up springtime like no other smell. Be warned: excessive application may lead to spontaneous yodelling.

    Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show – One of the best known mums ever to appear on TV was noted for her directness, intelligence and sexiness… three words that sum up the irresistible Orange Blossom

    Morticia from The Addams Family – A long, black dress can hide a multitude of secrets… like a flask with a boozy mix of brandy, wine and dark, sticky berries. Or maybe Mrs Addams has just bathed herself in the intoxicating brew of Elixir

    Marge from The Simpsons - Bart’s long-suffering mum is the epitome of sweetness, so she’ll definitely go for Violetta, the perfume that makes you think you’ve just buried your nose in a packet of Parma Violets. And Homer probably won’t mind her smelling like a confection either.

    M from James Bond – All right, strictly speaking, she’s not a mother, but we can bend the rules for the woman who keeps 007 in line. Apparently he wears Blenheim Bouquet, so she may well go for Castile. Yes, technically, it’s a masculine cologne, but that’ll suit her just fine. If all the boys around her are wearing clean citrus concoctions, the last thing she’ll want to do is stand out. Subtlety is her forte.

    And now it’s over to you: who’s your favourite fictional mum and which perfume do you think would suit her best?

    About our guest blogger: We’re pleased to introduce our first guest blogger, Persolaise. Shortlisted for a Jasmine Award, Persolaise is an amateur perfumer who is passionate and  knowledgeable about fine fragrance. If you enjoyed this post as much as we did follow his blog Persolaise – A Perfumer’s Blog.

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