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Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas

  • Posted on 29th August 2013 by Nick
  • In 1988, Alberto was named a Master Perfumer at Firmenich, in 2003 was honoured with the coveted “Prix Francois Coty”, and in 2013, Alberto was bestowed Perfumer of the Year Lifetime Achievement award by the Fragrance Foundation in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to perfumery. His creations include CK One, Pleasures, and the revolutionary M7. He has signed over 120 perfumes for countless brands, as well as having created the Mizensir line of candles with his wife.

    Exploring Morillas oeuvre, you can find a distinctive perfumers style, which always bends to the brief and character required of the fragrance for the client. Particularly adept at creating powdery florals, such as Kenzo Flower, Au Lac, Intuition and Carita, and working with resinous notes such as amber and benzoin, Alberto seemed the perfect choice to capture the spirit of the ballet.

    Alberto is one of the few perfumers that continues to write his formulas by hand. He says

    “My handwriting is my emotion. When I write the formula, I can smell the perfume.” Also interesting about Alberto’s handwritten formulae is his insistence on using different coloured pens to signify a change in mood or style of the fragrance, suggesting that he perhaps experiences scent synaesthetically.

    Although Alberto travels the world for meetings with clients, he also has a personal passion for travel, believing that ancient perfumers found their inspiration through travel and through conversation. “In the past, perfume had to take people to another place, another world.” but adds “Today, people travel more easily.”

    We are thrilled to have worked with this Master of perfumery to bring the scent of the ballet to life. Our CEO explains the experience of working with Alberto:

    “It was both a pleasure and so much fun to work with Alberto on the creation of Iris Prima.
    Listening to him interpret dance moves into Olfactory thoughts was incredible. Not only does he have this personal appreciation of the ballet but he conveys it with a contagious excitement.
    We have all been living the ballet for the past two years as we worked through the fragrance development, Alberto has created the most intoxicating olfactive portrait of the dancers and romance of the ballet.

    I recall having ‘after ballet dinner’ with him and his wanting to add more Iris to capture the whoosh and the feeling of flying through the air into the fragrance.
    A true master, and he is one of the most charming men I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

    To read more about other perfumers we have worked with, read The Perfumed Signature.

    • Comments
    • Hervé LéGer Eau De Parfum
    • by Valérie
    • I really love this perfume, but I can't buy it anywhere now... Too sad... I still can't find one to replace it...
    • Best Perfume Ever - Acqua Di Gio
    • by Priscila Martins Leonel
    • Mr Alberto created my favorite perfume, Acqua di Gio, I simply love this perfume and I wear it since 1997. Lately, I haven't been able to find it anywhere and I've been told that its production was discontinued. I am devastated about the news and I am wondering if there is a way to get it produced again? Can we get a petition to produce it again? Who should I contact?
    • Hi Priscila, although we have a long creative history with Alberto Morillas, this scent is not a Penhaligon's fragrance.
      by Penhaligon's customer services
    • Exquisite Taste
    • by Gabriela Gilmour
    • I just found out you are the creator of my favorite perfume. Herve Leger. I dont have words to describe how exquisite this fragrance is. My compliments and sincere gratitude for creating this amazing scent. Too bad that I can't find it anymore. If you have created something similar... I would love to know. Thank You.
    • Very Beautiful Perfume
    • by jabran sattar
    • sir you make very beautiful perfume you are very grate perfumer of the world.
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