Liquid Emotion by Guest Blogger Jessica from The Beauty Room

  • Posted on 9th July 2012 by Lauren
  • Being invited along to have a fragrance profile at Penhaligon’s has got to be one of my most treasured experiences I’ve had.

    On a wet and dreary Friday afternoon I didn’t know what to expect, but was instantly filled with excitement as I stepped into the beautifully decorated and ever so special profiling room at the back of the Covent Garden boutique store. As soon as I arrived fragrance expert Richard warmly greeted me and sat me down on the lovely chaise lounge whilst I took in the pretty surroundings. I was truly spoilt with delicious wine, macaroons and then topped off with afternoon tea presented in the quaintest vintage tea set that actually belonged to Richard’s grandmother!

    Time for Tea!

    I knew I was in for a treat when Richard passionately started explaining how the fragrance profiling works, and I was soon to learn for myself how the luxurious and totally unique session explores your personality through Penhaligon’s delicious array of perfumes, revealing the fragrance that suits you perfectly. The profiling unravels and sparks memories, loves, likes and dislikes whilst learning all about the many different scents and how each ingredient works to create such a special smell.

    Richard explained how he visions each fragrance as being almost like a person, each one having a different personality; some are loud and brash, some are subtle yet seductive, and others are sweet and sophisticated. It was unbelievably fascinating watching and listening to Richard as he captured my full attention and thoughts and captivated into his world of Penhaligon’s, describing each exquisite fragrance in great detail.

    As we smelt each fragrance I was instantly dragged into a passed era, one minute we were in the roaring 1920’s at a fabulous party sipping on cocktails and dancing the night away, and then as Richard passes me over another fragrance strip to smell he takes me to a Yorkshire meadow with the dew on the grass blades and the birds singing. It was a magnificent contrast between fragrances and made me realize what it is I like from a fragrance.

    From the freshness of Gardenia to the sweetness of Ellenisia, my senses were bombarded with quite literally a party of powerful scents, and it was amazing how strongly I reacted to each individual scent. There were some I couldn’t get enough of and others were too strong for my senses and reminded me of very particular memories.  However there was one fragrance in particular that I completely and utterly fell in love with, Cornubia. This fragrance oozes with pure glamour; with base notes of vanilla, musk, wood and amber my skin embraced and warmed it creating the most heavenly and seductive smell. I can tell this will be my signature fragrance from now on, and I won’t be able to look at it without being instantly reminded of my special fragrance profiling creating quite literally, liquid emotions.

    Liquid Emotion

    Jessica writes her own beauty blog The Beauty Room. You can read more from her blog here.

    Have you ever experienced our fragrance profiling service? Which scent did you end up choosing?

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