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I Want a Penhaligon’s Perfume Pendant

  • Posted on 9th December 2013 by Guest - Odiferess
  • When I declare ‘want’, I really mean that I sit by night, goggling at it online in a sort of drooling Art Deco bling stupor. My mind wobbles between “You have your car insurance renewal approaching, don’t buy it” and “This will complete your life and render you forever fulfilled”. I’ve become obsessed. It’s Sterling Silver porn to me.

    I’ve been aware of this jewel of adoration for some time, however it took a trip to Chester to bring about my rather idiotic behaviour. The Chester Penhaligon’s boutique owns a cabinet of perfumed curiosities. This antique wooded thing of glory houses all manner of previously unseen objects. At first, I was drawn to the artisan crystal perfume bottles, in particular, a mint green swirled little thing that matched the colours of Juniper Sling. It took the form of a simple geometric design reminiscent of the Art Deco period from which the concept of Juniper Sling hails. I imagined it nestled on my dressing table next to my much worn string of 1930s Murano glass beads.

    My precious Murano glass beads

    After some considerable swooning, I looked downwards and caught sight of the object upon which I’d become fixated - the Silver Scent Bottle Necklace. As the sales assistant took it from it’s box and placed it into my hands I felt a rush of dopamine, I mean it, this thing literally drugged me with my own pleasure hormones. You hear of mothers feeling a detachment until their newborn baby is placed into their arms. At that moment, a rush of love overwhelms them, resulting in an eternal bond with their baby. Of course it’s all hormones and body shock but it demonstrates the power of ‘the embrace’.

    As I embraced the pendant I was struck by it’s considerable weight and size. In the pictures on this website you can’t tell how big it is. Yes there’s a description with the dimensions, but until you experience it for real you can’t perceive that it is both giant and heavy and ultimately perfect for fiddling with as it drapes around your décolletage. There is no extraneous decoration here, just a clean lined oval drop of the finest shining silver.

    I have a thing for hip flasks (and men’s old fashioned accessories in general, I may have been a wealthy Victorian chap in a previous life). It produced the same desire as my longing for a hip flask, in that I could fill it with a precious elixir to carry around with me.

    So what would I fill it with? Perhaps with something that benefits from a top up during the day. A softly spoken fragrance, such as Penhaligon’s Lavandula would be ideal and would serve as an aroma-therapeutic pick me up during times of fatigue, served drop by drop from the Sterling Silver wand. Perhaps I could treat it akin to a hip flask and hide a nip of single malt whisky inside to be supped when the weather turns to chill.

    Some day it will be mine and I’ll wear it to my grave..

    Odiferess is a blogger who writes about perfume. She also writes about the memories and cultural phenomena that connect her to perfume such as rollerboots, Spanish business men, terrifying turkey cabins and the Queen's fear of warts. You can read her fragrant words at: Odiferess. Image of Murano beads courtesy of Sarah Waite.

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    • Penhaligon's Perfume Pendant!
    • by anonymous
    • I want or is it a one off original? Is it for sale or rather an object of desire? I love it!
    • Hello! it's rather lovely isn't it? It is indeed for sale, in fact, we've just had a delivery so you can buy it here if you wish:
      by Penhaligon's customer services
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