How Was Your Week?

  • Posted on 11th October 2012 by Laura
  • Tuesday 18th September

    It’s London Fashion Week and I’m at The Apartment which is a fantastic venue set up by blogger Abi Marvel for members of the press and bloggers to use between shows. It’s a place they can chill out, update their blogs and catch all the latest news from LFW. I’m here today fragrance profiling people, talking to people about the brand and showing off a selection of our fragrances.

    Wednesday 19th September

    I’m needed in Japan for the rest of the week promoting the brand and showing off our stunning new fragrance, Peoneve. So I’m up incredibly early and on a flight bound for Tokyo.
    Thursday 20th September

    I have just touched down in Tokyo, I’m straight off my flight into a car and on my way to our Japanese head office where I spend the day in meetings; planning and discussing my itinerary while I’m out here. It’s going to be a busy week but I’m looking forward to it.

    After my meetings, I’m taken out for a welcome dinner in a fantastic restaurant which specialises in traditional Japanese dining (I love Japanese food and 12 courses later I’m officially in heaven).

    After dinner, it’s straight to bed to catch on some much needed sleep.

    Friday 21st Friday

    It’s a wonderful sunny day in Tokyo, and I’m up early and back into the office for a briefing of today’s activities.

    I’m spending the day visiting all of our concessions in Tokyo. We don’t currently have a standalone store over here but we have concessions in some of the most beautiful department stores in Tokyo. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see how the brand works out here, to meet all of our fantastic staff and spend some time with them introducing myself and training some of them.

    Craig in Tokyo

    After visiting the concessions I’m off to the Roppongi district of the city to record a radio interview on one of the most listened to radio stations in Japan, Wave FM.

    My last of meeting of the day takes place with Misha Aoki, Head of PR Communications for Penhaligon’s Japan. Tomorrow is a big day and we spend some time finalising some of the details before I head back to my hotel room for a well-earned kip.

    Saturday 22nd September

    Today is one of the main reasons I am out here in Tokyo. I’m going to be holding two fragrance workshops today in Isetan, which is seen as the most luxurious department store in Japan.

    This is actually one of my favourite parts of my job, and I get to spend the day talking to some of our biggest fans about the brand, our wonderful fragrances and the process of how we actually make fragrances. We chose 8 of our most fabulous floral fragrances to look at in a little more depth; with Peoneve taking centre stage.  After each workshop I am able to go into the fragrance hall and spend time with each of the attendees and help match them up to their perfect scent.

    Craig giving a perfume lecture in Japan

    Sunday 23rd September

    So after a busy day yesterday today I am spending my time in the separate Isetan Men’s Department store. This gives me the opportunity to spend some quality time fragrance profiling some of our fans and helping them choose their perfect scent. It also gives me the opportunity to work alongside some of the great staff out here. After a busy day at work I’m taken for another mouth watering Japanese dinner and a spot of Karaoke (well it would be rude not to really!)

    Monday 24th September

    Another big day and it begins in the office before heading out to the Peoneve tea salon. It’s a wonderful collaboration between Penhaligons and St Christopher’s tea house in Tokyo. They have created a very special high tea for us, we have a special blend of Peoneve tea and delicious confectionary all inspired by our new fragrance, everything tastes and smells incredible and the ingredients used in the tea and sweets all use notes from the fragrance itself.

    Peoneve delights

    However before I can sample the delights of this wonderful high tea there is work to be done! I am hosting a tea party of my very own for some very lucky competition winners of Elle Online. We talk about how fragrances are made, and talk in depth about Peoneve, the inspirations behind our new floral fragrance and the remarkable technology involved in achieving its beauty.

    It’s now off to a surprise dinner that is being held in my honour, everyone who I have worked with in the past few days are there and it’s a truly perfect end to the most incredible week. It’s been such an honour for me to work with everyone out here, a pleasure spending time with our Japanese customers and finding out a little bit more about how the company operates on the other side of the world.

    A succesful trip to Japan for Craig

    So back to London now for another busy and exciting week in the wonderful world of Penhaligons, did I mention, I love my job!!

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