How to draw the perfect bath

  • Posted on 4th March 2016 by Nick

  • Bath time is a ritual that has been lost in our busy lives – and spending time on ourselves has become the ultimate luxury for us. You deserve to take the time out to really relax and unwind, to soak in a scented bath and think of absolutely nothing.

    Draw the bath:

    Fill the tub with both water and scent. A Bath & Shower Gel will create a rich lather, full of bubbles. Alternatively, and more lavishly, add a splash of Bath Oil – it will soften the water and create a milky texture for you to luxuriate in – leaving you moisturised and beautifully scented. TOP TIP: Although it gives off a wonderful aroma to add the oils to a running bath, the oils would evaporate at a very high rate, and for this reason it is best to add the oils after you have run the bath.

    Create an ambiance:

    Ambiance is key to creating a relaxing environment. Light a candle to enjoy. A warm light helps counter any stress, and will fill the room in gentle fragrance whilst you languorously unwind.

    Lighten the mood:

    Fragrance not only has the power to evoke memories, it can also affect certain parts of your brain to influence your moods… For an extra zing of happiness try a citrus fragrance such as Blenheim Bouquet Bath Oil. Jasmine has been historically used as a relief for depression through aromatherapy. Try Artemisia Bath & Shower Gel or classic candle to lift your mood. Lavender can help you feel relaxed and calm. Lie back with our Lavandula Bath Oil.

    Get lost in a novel:

    Take your latest book with you or a copy of The Penhaligon's Times, as well as a glass of fizz or wine (whichever takes your fancy) to enjoy whilst you soak to complete the experience.

    Allow yourself all the time you need – do not rush.

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