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  • Posted on 25th April 2012 by Laura
  • The most popular cultivated species is the Cape Jasmine, native to China. Gardenia plants are prized for the strong sweet scent and it is a favourite flower for corsage due to its heady fragrance. In England during the 19th century, men often wore the blooms on their lapels of their formal evening wear. It was believed to be good luck to give a gardenia to a man. Jazz singer Billie Holiday considered gardenias to be her signature flower and wore them in her hair whenever she performed.

    Billie Holiday

    The language of flowers, known as floriography, helped Victorian men and women skirt around the strict rules of courting. In an era when etiquette and propriety were of utmost importance, flowers often conveyed a message that the sender dared not speak in words. In the language of flowers, gardenia came to symbolize secret love.

    Floriography: Gardenia

    Penhaligon’s Gardenia is a translucent watercolour in soft washes of tuberose, jasmine, gardenia, ylang-ylang, spice and vanilla. A radiant magnolia-tinted portrait of one of nature’s most sensual blooms. Gardenia was originally created in 1976 and was resurrected as part of the 2009 Anthology Collection.

    Anthology Gardenia Fragrance

    We’ve told you what Gardenia means in the language of flowers but can you decode this bouquet below? Leave a comment below telling us what you think it is and one lucky winner will be picked at random to win a 100ml bottle of Gardenia Eau de Toilette.

    Flower Competition

    • Comments
    • What A Bouquet Of Flowers Can Convey
    • by Carolin Burgon
    • I think the white lilies and red roses mean pur love.
    • New Customer
    • by Paulette Henriquez
    • i have been using the same fragrance for over 25 yrs,. I have been looking for years for a new fragrance I have purchased new fragrances but I end up going back to Caylyx by Prescriptives. I like it because it is fresh, clean and not too heavy. I also like Citrus smell. However, during a recent visit to Saks I received a sampler of Iris Prima. I wore it once and the next day when I put on my wool scarf the fragrance was just lovely. Consequently, I kept using the sampler until I could return to Saks and purchase a bottle . My colleagues work and friends are all asking me what am I wearing. The reaction is wonderful. But more importantly, this fragrance wears well on me and I am able to smell it. ( I have worn caylyx for so long that I can no longer smell it. ) Thank you so much for creating what i believe is a fragrance that will last for years to come. I am certain that just as Ballet is a classic, so too this fragrance will last.
    • Love, Elegance And Luxury
    • by ROCIO
    • A beautiful bouquet composed of red roses, that symbolize love and passion, also with white lilies, symbol of purity and luxury. The love that expresses passion beauty and respect that unites them.
    • Comment
    • by violetta
    • Red roses are enduring love white lily is purity. I would read this bouquet as Pure and Undying Love for You.
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