Fragrant Fathers! by guest blogger Persolaise

  • Posted on 6th June 2011 by Lauren
  • But there’s no need to worry, because I’ve done the hard work and invited some of our most celebrated patriarchs to a Father’s Day party at the Fable Avenue branch of Penhaligon’s. Here’s a list of who turned up and which bottle they claimed as their own:

    Don Corleone from The Godfather – He’d leave the smell of blood and horses to his henchmen and turn to his Mediterranean roots for something refined, understated, completely masculine and ever so slightly edgy. In one word: Douro.

    Mrs Doubtfire from Mrs Doubtfire – Now  this is a tricky one. It needs to be something that can successfully work on both sexes, projecting deep, old-school florals from its heart whilst staying grounded on a base of strong woods. Cornubia fits the bill perfectly.

    George Bailey (aka ‘the dad’) from It’s A Wonderful Life – What scent would you go for after you’ve had your life changed by an angel? Well, if you’re James Stewart’s character, then probably something that’s traditional, homely and unmistakably ‘after-shavey’. Something just like English Fern.

    Lear from King Lear – It’s got to be LP No. 9 For Men. It starts off sharp, dark and aromatic, but then realises it needs to change its approach if it wants to endear itself to people, so it turns softer and soapier. In fact, this is such an ideal character + fragrance combo, that I reckon Shakespeare himself probably wore LP No. 9 whilst writing the play…

    Darth Vader from Star Wars – Causing disturbances in the Force is bound to take its toll on the universe’s best known ambassador of the Dark Side, so I suspect he’d choose Hammam Bouquet. Its unguent florals would soothe his weary bionic bones (and possibly even his breathing) whilst its animalic kick would leave none of the Stormtroopers in any doubt about who’s in charge.

    Dr Cliff Huxtable from The Cosby Show – In March, I decided that his wife would wear Orange Blossom, so I’m sure he’d select a scent that doesn’t upstage her in any way and quietly reflects his dependable, open-minded nature. The fresh and uncomplicated Endymion immediately springs to mind.

    Victor Frankenstein from Frankenstein – Okay, he’s not really a father in the conventional sense, but as one of fiction’s most famous progenitors, he definitely qualifies for this list. He’s brilliant, driven, complex, individualistic and utterly bonkers… which leads us beautifully to Amaranthine.

    Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird – I’ve saved my favourite Penhaligon’s masculine for my favourite fictional pater. Sartorial is thoughtful and intelligent. It has one or two witty surprises up its sleeve. And it doesn’t attract unnecessary attention to itself… which is just about as succinct a description of Atticus as you’ll find in any Lit revision guide.

    And now it’s your turn. Who have I left out? And what would he spray inside his collar?

    About the author: Persolaise is a Jasmine Award shortlisted writer and amateur perfumer who has had a strong interest in the world of fine fragrance for over 25 years. For more information about his writing, please visit or contact him at persolaise at gmail dot com.

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    • Gentlemen'S Elixir
    • by Mr.Mike
    • Warm tones of leather and tack combined with slight aroma of fresh cut hay make this a compelling manly scent.
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