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Fragrance Profiling Review by Monalogue Blog

  • Posted on 18th March 2016 by Guest - Ramona

  • In celebration of National Fragrance Day, on Monday 21st March, we sent a scent novice to our Covent Garden store to receive a Fragrance profiling. Our consultation offers an authentic way of discovering a special fragrance and a true way of wearing it.
    “I discovered my love for Penhaligon’s about six months ago when I stumbled upon Iris Prima whilst looking for Christmas presents. I didn’t get any Christmas shopping done that afternoon but my vanity table was adorned with a pretty new bottle. After this I noticed their very Instagram-worthy shopfront whilst wondering around Kensington. Needless to say it was a complete joy to be invited for a fragrance profiling session this month.
    I must confess my fragrance repertoire is rather limited. And by rather limited I mean I’ve only worn a few scents that I received as gifts, and the occasional splash of Christian Dior that I pinched from my mother’s dresser as a child. It would be accurate to refer to the profiling session as a learning experience.
    So, today I headed to Penhaligon’s in Covent Garden. The store is true to its Victorian roots, with chandeliers, wall cabinets of glistening bottles, authentic fireplaces and a chaise longue. I was offered a glass of prosecco and made to feel most at home!

    Equinox Bloom
    Fragrance profiling is important, not just to find a scent that you love, but because a scent can change dramatically when it is worn. One perfume can have a hugely different tone across a small selection of people.
    We worked our way through a selection of fragrances, starting with the 1872 original Hammam Bouquet. From delicate florals to intense oriental notes, they adjusted the testers according to my preferences until I’d chosen five contenders.
    Once I’d chosen five finalists that I liked in equal measure, it was time to try the scents on. At this moment, the way perfumes change on application became incredibly apparent. Three scents I’d liked on the testing papers I began to dislike, and two that I had liked on paper I fell in love with.
    We ate some chocolates while I pondered over my choices. After 45 minutes of magical sensory indulgence I decided on Equinox Bloom, a new addition to the Penhaligon’s catalogue, inspired by the English tradition of afternoon tea. Notes of spring flowers and brown sugar make Equinox Bloom fresh and sweet. And what’s not to like about spring flowers and brown sugar?

    Fragrance Profiling
    Again staying true to their Victorian roots, the store manager packed the perfume beautifully in a traditional style, with a little ribbon handle. After a final glass of prosecco and a few more chocolates I left the store feeling very pleased, a little bit merry and smelling wonderful, if I may say so.
    Fragrance profiling isn’t just for special occasions. I felt like the folks of Penhaligon’s legitimately want their customers to feel confident with their chosen scent, whether it’s for daily use or for their wedding day. I know I feel confident with mine, and couldn’t recommend the profiling sessions more.”

    To book your own complimentary Fragrance Profiling consultation call your nearest Penhaligon's store.
    To read more from the lovely Ramona you can find her blog here.  

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