Fragrance Profiling at Penhaligon's

  • Posted on 6th November 2014 by Nick

  • In many of our standalone boutiques – such as Wellington Street, Kings Road and Burlington Arcade – you are able to book a private appointment for fragrance profiling.

    Our expertly trained staff will sit down with you over a cup of tea and biscuits (or perhaps some fizz, if its the afternoon!) and find out about you and your personality before embarking on an olfactory journey together to find your perfect match.

    You're treated to a history of Penhaligon's and our fragrances, and a series of probing questions designed to paint a crystal clear picture of your scent preferences.

    A few of our profiling experts favourite questions are:
    "Which is your favourite fabric?"
    "Do you prefer white, rose, or red wine?"
    "Tell me about your perfect evening"
    "Would you prefer a city break, beach holiday, or something more active?"
    "Which fragrances have you worn before, and what have you liked about them?"
    "What is the purpose of the fragrance we're looking for? Daytime, evening, formal, office?"

    There is no expectation of a knowledge of perfumery or of having a wide vocabulary related to scent, as our experts can distinguish your taste from your answers. And since each of our experts has their own preferred questions, they will vary but inevitably would guide you in the same direction.

    We then introduce pairs of fragrances with a brief description, and judge from your reaction (with both verbal and non-verbal cues, such as smiling, or paying attention to your eyebrows!) which direction we should explore together. A quick water break after 5 pairs of fragrances, to help cleanse the palate, before refining our options down to the perfect perfume.

    The names are revealed until the end of the profiling, ensuring that you are focused entirely on the scent in front of you at the time. By which time, you've already fallen head over heels!

    Have you been for a fragrance profiling appointment at a Penhaligon's boutique yet? Let us know your perfect fragrance match.

    You can book yours HERE

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