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Fancy a tipple? Blenheim Bouquet Cocktail!

  • Posted on 10th May 2011 by Lauren
  • To toast the evening (and our new fragrances) we concocted, with the help of Callooh Callay’s expert mixologist Andrea, five unique Penhaligon’s cocktails inspired by our fragrances: Artemisia, Blenheim Bouquet, Endymion, Malabah and Orange Blossom.

    After partaking in a tasting session (a necessary perk of the job!) we fell in love with these cocktails and knew we couldn’t resist sharing the secret recipes with you! With this in mind we set upon filming our very own video guides in the secret members bar.  We made three videos showing you how to create your own Penhaligon’s cocktail and we’ll be posting them all on Adventures in Scent this week – just in time for the weekend!

    First up, and the most popular cocktail on the night is Blenheim Bouquet, inspired by our zingy citrus from 1902!

    For our Blenheim Bouquet cocktail you’ll need:

    • A generous 40 ml of 42 Below Vodka;
    • 20 ml of fresh lemon juice;
    • 2 bar spoons of lavender syrup;
    • 1 bar spoon of tarragon syrup;
    • 1/ 2 bar spoon of cracked pink peppercorn syrup  (or a few crushed pink peppercorns)
    • A liberal top up of Prosecco;
    • Garnish with slapped mint and lemon oil (from zest)!

    (1 bar spoon = 5ml)

    To make a flavoured syrup is surprisingly simple. Just add your flavouring (fresh tarragon, lavender flowers or crushed pink peppercorns) to equal amounts of sugar and water, bring to the boil over a medium heat until the sugar is dissolved and leave to cool. Then strain the syrup and decant into a lovely glass bottle! It will keep for a week or so.

    A huge thanks to Callooh Callay for sharing their secret formulas and the lovely Andrea for demonstrating the cocktails for our films!

    If we’ve inspired you to make a Blenheim Bouquet cocktail we’d love to hear about it.  You can even upload a picture of your creation on our Facebook page.

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