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Elisabethan Rose - The Story

  • Posted on 20th March 2018 by Marketing Team

  • “It started off with a civil war.
    But now it’s all terribly civil.”

    In muddy fields and on sunlit hills,
    ungenteel noble-men got their thrills
    with armies adorned with heraldic crests
    as they struggled for the crown, 200 abreast.
    (But that was before.)

    The War of the Roses now travels through Time
    and plays with the truth (today that’s a crime)
    and tells a story of regal harmony and joy
    about a Rose (certainly not for the hoi polloi1 ).

    Imagined in perfume, a double rose that’s Divine
    a soliflor made from two brings a balm2 that’s sublime.
    Red for intense power, blood and fire
    White, the purity to which one can only aspire.

    But red speaks too of love,
    and white of a dove.
    Here is a fragrance where the passions are kind
    and the extremities are extremely refined.

    1 the masses; the common people.
    2 an aromatic preparation
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