Behind The Scenes at Penhaligon's

  • Posted on 8th February 2013 by Emily
  • Almost the entire process is done by hand, not a robot in sight! First the sterilised bottles are filled using this brilliant contraption, which we can perfectly imagine in the laboratory of a mad Victorian scientist! Look at all that lovely Blenheim Bouquet, enough to keep a whole troop of gents beautifully scented.

    Filling bottles with Blenheim Bouquet

    Then another interesting looking device ensures the pump and tube are sealed nice and tightly (we wouldn’t want any of that precious juice to leak!) before the little bottles make their way along the line to be dressed!

    These speed at which the labels and bows are hand-applied is quite astonishing, they were going at such a lick that we could hardly capture it on camera.

    So speedy we could hardly capture it on camera!

    Finally the complete bottles are nestled into their lovely boxes, then wrapped and packed for delivery to our stores all over the world!

    Boxing Blenheim Bouquet!

    We imagine everyone went home that day smelling ever so slightly of this great classic, which is no bad thing!  Did you know that after 110 years Blenheim Bouquet still remains our bestselling fragrance globally?

    How important is it to you that the products you buy are made in the UK?