An evening with Aquascutum

  • Posted on 27th May 2011 by Lauren
  • Being a bit of a history geek I couldn’t help but gawp at the numerous photos, letters and garments on display spanning the last hundred years; a signed jacket by the Rolling Stones, a very old sleeping bag from World War One and a guest book documenting every VIP client who ever walked through the doors of their flagship store. (These varied from Cary Grant to the Queen Mother!) Through these terrific artifacts I learnt numerous facts about the brand other than their infamous trench coat!


    Aquascutum was founded nearly 160 years ago (1851) as a menswear shop, by a British tailor called John Emary (a womenswear department followed shortly in 1900.) He invented the first ever waterproof fabric which is why the brand is called as it is today, Aquascutum means ‘watershield’ when translated into Latin. This invention was to be become increasingly popular as waterproof coats were supplied to British soldiers in the Crimean, First and Second World wars! This is arguably when the ‘trench coat’ was officially established.  Awarded several royal warrants throughout the last century, Aquascutum remains to be a favourite amongst the Royal Family and was first granted one by Edward VII in 1897.  To this day, clothing is still made in their Northamptonshire factory in Corby, England (originally opened in 1909) symbolizing their support for the British textile industry. Aquascutum is now a leading brand in the fashion industry and their menswear, womenswear and accessories collections are available worldwide.

     Aquascutum Event with Penhaligons

    Have you ever visited our flagship store on Wellington Street, Covent Garden where we have a range of items from our archive on display? View first hand the original Hammam Bouquet bottle or Orange Blossom and Jubilee Bouquet before it was relaunched as part of the Anthology Collection. A must see if your in the area!

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