A Cause for Royal Celebration!

  • Posted on 25th July 2013 by Nick

  • A pop up Penhaligon's boutique was created especially for the event, which we were invited to take part in as the proud holders of two Royal Warrants, for HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH The Prince of Wales.

    Visitors were able to explore the gardens at Buckingham Palace, as well as visit exhibitions and boutiques from over 200 companies that hold Royal Warrants.

    Unsurprisingly, we experienced an unprecedented level of interest in Jubilee Bouquet over the weekend, a fragrance created originally in 1977 for the Silver Jubilee! Jubilee Bouquet is a green floral chypre with notes of lily, ylang and rose, as well as powdery iris, moss and sandalwood.

    And to the delight of the nation, this week was another cause for Royal celebration, with the arrival of the new heir to the throne, Prince George.

    As the nation and the press clamour to advise the new parents on dealing with a newborn, our only suggestion to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as suppliers to the Royal household is that when changing the young Prince, they remember to use talc, such as our Blenheim Bouquet or English Fern, to keep his nappies freshly scented.

    And for the new mother, much deserving of some pampering and unwinding, a long relaxing soak using our Vanities Bath Oil.

    What tips do you have for new mothers, such as the Duchess, and for relaxation in general?

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