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Belgravia Chypre Eau de Parfum
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Belgravia Chypre Eau de Parfum

  • £137
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    Head Notes

    Raspberry, Pink Pepper
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    Heart Notes

    May Rose, Mate
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    Base Notes

    Patchouli, Cistus Labdanum
  • Standing proud between Buckingham Palace and Sloane Square, the well-to-do neighbours in Belgravia are rarely seen.
    Distinguished and distinctive, the cream Stucco-fronted Palladian-inspired villas that typify Eaton or Belgravia Square house both embassies and fortunate families.

    This is a chypre of the traditional structure. Rich and sophisticated. Bergamot, oak moss, patchouli. As one would expect. Except there is a surprising inflection of raspberry and pink pepper and rose. For London’s more flamboyant traditionalists.

Customer Reviews

Oustanding... Review
I received a generous set of samples of the Hidden London gems and, so far (still in the process of trying it all), this one has caught my heart and m...y breath. I must say it starts out a bit weird and almost medicinal to me. At this stage I could not stop sniffing my inner wrists, trying to identify what was going on, and whether if pleasant or not, or.... Pink pepper for sure, and certainly raspberries were all there, as dutifully listed. Then the magic starts to unfold: the sweet raspberry slowly yields to a fresh delicate rose, and the tea leaves in the background allude to a faint watercolour of pinks and sage greens. The raspberries are still there, very faintly and mildly sweet, but the roses are splendid in their pale pink freshness and, in all their coy modesty, fight and triumph over the other notes, albeit humbly and subtly. Everything seems to me, to slowly take a secondary role: hints of patchouli and resin have all supporting roles to this ephemeral beauty, the Rose of May, which becomes more transparent as time goes by, as if saying a fondfarewell to her scented companions. And I cannot but think of Pierre Ronsard's poem, "Mignonne, allons voir si la rose", which at one stage wisely declares: (Puis qu')une telle fleur ne dure Que du matin jusques au soir This will much probably be my next acquisition from Penhaligon's. Thank you for the beauty, I love it.   ... more
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