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Belgravia Chypre and Ellenisia
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Belgravia Chypre and Ellenisia

  • Excellent choice! We think you’ll love these two fragrances. Furthermore we’ll reimburse the cost of packaging & fulfillment from any future online purchase.

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Feel Misled Review
I took the time to do the Profiling exercise as, I while I am an avid collector of fragrance, I have only one vintage Penhaligon's scent. Sadly, no samples with my paid for order - and no response to my messages other than "Sorry, we're investigating and will get back to you" WEEKS ago. If the OFFER is of free samples - the very LEAST you should do is ensure that you send them. I feel very irritated to have to contact YOU once AGAIN  ... more
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Hi Kim, We are sorry you had these issues with our service. Please can you email [email protected] with your order number and we will follow up of your order. by Penhaligon's customer services