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As Sawira
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As Sawira

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  • When sensual (over) indulgence calls, it’s time to explore a souk! Essaoiura, a major Trade Route port serving Marrakech was on every sea trader’s map.

    Here all the treasures of the Orient and riches of a Riad are piled high for their onward journeys. Heady and evocative, extravagant smells and sights merge into a cacophony of the (disturbingly) alluring. This masterful woody Chypre-Oud throws open an expertly carved door into the exotic.

    Only the rarest and the most precious notes – saffron and bergamaot alongside bitter herbal notes of absinthe and davana, jasmine and rose. But also those that are powerful and deep. Cardamom, absinthe, clove, their delicate fumes purr and blend with the soft caress of myrrh, gaiac, sandalwood and patchouli.

    This is rich sophistication. The Gateway to the Orient no less!

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