Product FAQ

Do any of your products contain any animal by-products? 

We have removed all animal by-products from our cosmetic formulations, including all fragrances, bath & shower gels, bath oils, hand & body creams, soaps, balms, talcum powders, shaving products and deodorants. These products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

Do your deodorant sticks contain any aluminium? 

No, our deodorant sticks are a mild anti-bacterial formulation that eradicates odours as opposed to an antiperspirant; so no aluminium is required. 

How do you open bath oils and splashes? 

All of our bath oils and splashes are tightly packed with a plastic band that on occasion, expands and causes difficulty in removing the stopper from the bottle. This can usually be rectified by placing the product in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours beforehand to allow the plastic band to contract. 

Do you use badger hair in your shaving brushes? 

Yes we do as this is by far the most superior fibre for applying shaving lubricants. However, as a part of gaining our warrant status we have proven to the Royal Warrant Holders Association (who re-issued our warrant in 2006), that our shaving brush supplier only purchases from ethical badger farms in a part of the world where badgers are not endangered and are in fact primarily farmed for their meat. 

Where are our products made? 

All of our fragrance and toiletries are made in the UK. 
All of our gift and leather items are now sourced and hand made in Europe to guarantee quality and our commitment to keeping rare artisan skills alive. 

How long do your products last? 

All our spray fragrances can last up to 3 years if they are kept in their boxes away from direct sunlight or heat. 
On all our other products you will see a small jar like symbol on the outer packaging, this is known as a period after opening symbol or a “PAO”. This PAO has a number followed by the letter “M” marked within the symbol. This indicates the number of months after opening that the formulation remains usable. So for example a product marked with “18M” is usable for eighteen months after opening.