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  • An essential perfume accessory, this handy 4ml travel atomiser makes it possible to take your favourite perfume with you, wherever you go. Simply fill directly from your fragrance bottle in seconds! Includes instructions for filling. PLEASE NOTE: This item is empty and is designed to be filled from a 100ml bottle of fragrance of your choice. Liquid fragrance cannot be poured directly into the atomiser as this item is designed to affix to the pump of a spray bottle.

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    • Travel Atomiser
    • by Sharon
    • Do not buy this product! The concept is good, but it doesn't work. I have been pumping this for 4 minutes and it is only half full. There is a washer in the bottom of the atomiser that keeps the perfume in the container, that continually falls out and the perfume is all over the perfume bottle. So I have been "pumping" this atomizer on a perfume bottle for MINUTES...and it is only half full but I am totally full of frustration!
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