Talcum Powder

After bathing, apply a light shake of our talcum powder; it preserves the splendid sensation of just-scrubbed freshness, leaving a subtle cloud of fragrance that will delight anyone.

Our paraben-free talcum powders will lend your skin unequaled softness and smoothness. Formulated from the very finest European natural mineral talc, triple milled, it leaves behind a subtle pearlescent lustre, pleasing both eye and nostril equally.

  • Blenheim Bouquet Talcum Powder 100g Blenheim Bouquet Talcum Powder
    Our Blenheim Bouquet talcum powder, made from the finest triple milled talc, leaves skin soft and refreshed.
    100g   $30
  • Lily of the Valley Talcum Powder 100g Lily Of The Valley Talcum Powder
    Lightly scented with sweet, fresh and graceful Lily of the Valley. Glides on smoothly, leaving skin cool and dry.
    100g   $30
  • Bluebell Talcum Powder Bluebell Talcum Powder
    Leave your skin delicately scented with our finest triple milled talc in our beautiful cult classic, Bluebell.
    100g   $30
  • Artemisia Talcum Powder 100g Artemisia Talcum Powder
    Delicately perfumed and made from the finest triple-milled talc, the perfect finishing touch to your routine.
    100g   $30