Peoneve Eau de Parfum

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    Head Notes

    Violet Leaf
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    Heart Notes

    Peony, Bulgarian Rose, Hedione
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    Base Notes

    Vetiver, Musk, Cashmere Wood
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  • Fragrance Personality: Sensual & Vibrant

    Peoneve opens with a burst of greenness from Violet Leaf absolute which gives way to a heart of luscious Peony, peppery Bulgarian Rose and a powerful white floral note courtesy of Hedione.

    The sensual base notes add a sense of summer abandon to the scent; earthy Vetiver, mischievous Musk and warm Cashmere Wood.

    Peoneve is an exquisite portrayal of an English garden in summer, bursting with lush green foliage and heady with the scent of blossoming flowers. At the garden's heart grows the radiant Peony flower; beloved by master perfumer Olivier Cresp for its abundant petals and velvety scent.

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    • Beautiful And Very Special
    • by Linda
    • I acquired this by accident. My son came home with some samples and I said I liked it. So he bought me a bottle for Christmas. I use it every day and I'm hoping my bottle will last till Christmas day. I've written a letter to Santa asking for another bottle.
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Springtime Magic
    • by Josie
    • This scent is the embodiment of spring for me. I've only got a tester, but am definitely getting a whole bottle the next time I'm in Penhaligons.
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Magic Garden!
    • by anonymous
    • Peoneve is feminine and beautiful. The scent is luscious without being overpowering. I love wearing it - compliments from both men and women always received! Beautiful.
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Pink Gloves At The Ball
    • by Vicky
    • I received Ellenisia, Bluebell, and Peoneve as gifts. I love all three! They are each unlike any other fragrance I've tried, but Peoneve won my heart. Imagine an Audrey Hepburn look-alike in a strapless silk-satin fitted gown in the most innocent of whites, and then add shocking pink gloves. She's innocent, she blushes, but up close she's luscious. This is not a discreet fragrance, yet still has an air of refinement.
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Heaven In A Bottle
    • by Mabel
    • A gift from my husband on our wedding day. Simply the best parfum ever floral, earthy and very sensual. I keep it for special occasions and weekends, but I wish I could buy one bottle every month.
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Summer In A Bottle
    • by Alice
    • I popped into Covent Garden today at lunch time to spend some gift vouchers I was given. Instantly fell in love with the Peoneve, on such a gorgeous, sunny London day who could resist the floral notes, it's like escaping to a secret garden in the middle of town.
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Lovely Perfume
    • by Carol
    • I love wearing it, and other people love the scent, too.
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
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    • English Summer Garden In A Bottle
    • by Chi
    • Peoneve, you could only use a big luxury flowers bouquet to describe it. It has transferred a full bloom English summer roses garden into a perfume bottle. Don’t just think that is just another floral perfume, it have a very green note, smell like a good mixture of rose flower with her leaves and stem. Thanks to violet leaves to complement the floral note. Do you wonder where is the peony? Yes, there is, but not as strong as the rose. This is a natural reflection of the flower itself. Peony does not have a strong scent. If you smell carefully, you can find the peony was quietly around the corner. Vetiver and woody accord made the base note very interesting and memorable.
      Would you recommend it? : Yes