Musical Christmas Box

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  • The Musical Christmas Box is a rotating music box that sings the sweet tune of a songbird. It is available for purchase alone or can be filled with a selection of goods chosen by you with someone special in mind.

Perfect with

  • Iris Prima Eau de ParfumIris Prima Eau de Parfum Eau de Parfum
    Iris Prima is a work of olfactory choreography, with Iris Absolute in the role of Prima Ballerina.
  • Customer Reviews

    wrtie a review
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    • Beautiful, Magical, Unexpected
    • by F. Smith
    • I bought this for my fiancee this past Christmas and looking at it this morning decided to write a review. The tin ships in a box that is nondescript. Removing it from the plain cardboard you are met with deep rich green and gold with an almost rose tint. While I bought it for her, and she's enamored with it. I must say that when I see it from my bed in the morning I am given to day dream of velvet cushions and English estates. The auditory attributes and its carousel motion can be relaxing and hypnotic.
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    • Musical Christmas Box Review
    • by Michaela Irmscher
    • I love the box!
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    • Musical Tin
    • by Stefan
    • I purchased the tin today in the Burlington Arcade, having purchased a 100ml Artemisia earlier in the week. The box is exceptionally beautiful, and elicited many positive comments as I showed it to my staff.
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