Chypré Ladies' Fragrances

Chypré fragrances are sophisticated, classic and powdery. This family takes its name from the French for Cyprus: birthplace of Aphrodite, the mythical goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure.

Inherently warm and dry, chypré is the most refined of the scent family; our preferred ingredients evoke a spectrum that encompasses sweet woods, elegant oakmoss, jasmine, and musks. Chypré could be personified as a Lady of uncommon beauty and attraction, yet of unguessable vintage.

  • Eau Sans Pareil Eau de Toilette 100mlEau Sans Pareil Eau de Toilette 100ml Eau Sans Pareil Eau de Toilette
    Eau Sans Pareil is softened with sweet woods, elegant oakmoss and musks. Wistful and romantic.
    100ml   $150
  • EmpressaEmpressa Empressa
    Shimmering with bright pink pepper, succulent blood orange, dewberry and peach.
    100ml   $160