Assam Tea Candle
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Assam Tea Candle

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  • Our Assam Tea Candle is robust and reviving, shot thorough with green herbs and glorious rose. A bright and sunny blend. This decadent candle burns for up to 110 hours and is housed in beautifully opalescent glass.

    Assam tea has distinctive, flecked brown and gold leaves. It has a robust flavour, bright with a smooth, malt pungency. Burn time: 110 hours, Height: 115mm, Diameter: 117mm
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    • Amazing Purchase! Review
    • by Andrea
    • Purchased in Shorthills, NJ, USA. Powerfully fragrant - smells sweet and clean. Can be lit for only a few minutes at a time and the fragrance easily ... more
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    • Fabulous Review
    • by anonymous
    • The best of all candles with a long-lasting burn and beautiful fragrance. Gorgeous!
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