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  • Ingredient Focus: Tonka

    Posted on 27th May 2014 by Nick

    Tonka Bean has been used in perfumery for hundreds of years, but how did it revolutionise the perfume industry? Read More

  • Ingredient Focus: Opoponax

    Posted on 17th April 2014 by Nick

    Also known as sweet myrrh, Opoponax is a sweet resin, regarded by King Solomon as the noblest of incense gums. Read More

  • A Q&A with Meadham Kirchhoff

    Posted on 17th April 2014 by Matt

    At our press launch we had a little time with Ben and Ed, known better to the world as design duo Meadham Kirchhoff, to talk about our next fragrance, Tralala. Read More

  • Ingredient Focus: Rose

    Posted on 27th March 2014 by Nick

    The Rose is one of natures most beautiful flowers, and has long been considered a symbol of love and beauty. Read More