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  • Scented Visions

    Posted on 10th September 2012 by Lauren

    Penhaligon’s is delighted to be working with Scented Visions this month. Scented Visions is a new innovative concept which is designed to guide you through the upcoming Pre-Raphaelite exhibition at the Tate Britain, by the sense of smell. Read More

  • Shampooing The Shah!

    Posted on 6th January 2012 by Lauren

    Take a look at this little extract from an article featured in the Birmingham Daily Post on Tuesday July 9th, 1889! Our archivists just unearthed it; hopefully it’s the first of many insights into Penhaligon’s past! Read More

  • SmokeStoneRain – The Melancholy Perfume of Autumn by The Silver Fox

    Posted on 14th November 2011 by Lauren

    I tip the glass stopper to my wrists. A small tear of amber slips so slowly down the inside of my pale wrist I can feel its transfiguration from perfume to golden flayed epiphany. I am so taken with its journey, I realise I have barely breathed. I exhale and pause. I am savouring the wait before I lean in to sample my own gilded skin. Read More

  • A Journey Down The Phial – Part Two

    Posted on 18th October 2011 by Lauren

    Dearest Regan, you cannot imagine my utter dismay however when I bumped into my former suitor, Opus 1870, in the lobby of Shepheard’s of all unlikely places. I saw him last that horrid day we had that dreadful row on Ladies’ Day at Ascot for nothing more than my hat, which he considered ‘unfortunate’. Read More