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  • Story of No.33 - Part One

    Posted on 13th July 2015 by Lucy

    Penhaligon's began as a barbers at No.33 St James's Street, London, supplying the finest in gentlemen's grooming... Read More

  • A Scent of Calm

    Posted on 10th July 2015 by Lucy

    Lavender is a popular scent but many people dismiss it as old fashioned, we think it's high time for a fresh look at this effervescent note. Read More

  • Blenheim Bouquet Collection

    Posted on 17th June 2015 by Alex

    Blenheim Bouquet is Penhaligon’s hero, the bestselling fragrance, originally created in 1902 and still our most popular. Read More

  • How to Groom a Beard

    Posted on 15th June 2015 by Nick

    Growing a Beard is not the easiest of undertakings, as a beard requires constant grooming and attention to keep it looking, feeling, and smelling, good. Read More

  • The Scent of a Man

    Posted on 13th June 2015 by Alex

    The fougère family is the backbone of masculine fragrance. Fougère is French for fern, and the name traces directly back to Fougère Royale. Read More