English Fern
English Fern Shaving Soap

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  • Made from the finest ingredients our traditional shaving soaps and creams have excellent stubble softening and conditioning properties ensuring a close shave and beautifully scented skin. Use with one of our classic badger hair brushes to create a rich lather.

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    • Smells Good, Performs Awful.
    • by Keith
    • Smells great but the performance is shockingly bad. I loaded up my brush with a lot of soap and had great hopes for a great lather. It was all going well for about 30 seconds until the lather started to break down and disappear. About a minute after the lather was on my face it was pretty much gone without me using a razor to remove it. I've spent a week trying to coax anything more out of the soap but it just doesn't have anything else to give. This soap reminds me of a poor attempt by an artisan soap maker trying their hand at a shave soap for the very first time, when they have no idea what a shave soap is supposed to perform like. I was lucky enough to get the soap at 40% of it's normal retail price but I still feel like I massively over paid for what I got. I am so disappointed with this soap and I feel sorry for anyone who pays the full £22 that Penhaligon's ask for.
      Would you recommend it? : No
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    • Good Lather, Great Scent
    • by Owen
    • I recently picked up a puck of this in the Covent Garden store. The puck smells blandly soapy when dry, but lathered, it opens up an array of scents which I find simply moreish! As a reviewer below noted, the foam can be thin to start with but if you keep working the lather, it will thicken enough for a good Father Christmas impersonation.
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
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    • My Opinion Of Soap And Shave.
    • by Keith Miller
    • The soap has a comparatively strong scent. Using a silvertip badger brush fully loaded with water i whipped up a good lather in a few seconds and continued to build this upon my face over the next couple of minutes. The lather was not of the luxuriously creamy variety produced by tallow it was slightly thinner with lots of bubbles and lasted the duration of the first pass. I have been using a single bladed razor with this soap for the last two weeks and have never felt the need for a second pass. The blade slips effortlessly through the hairs leaving little residue and my skin is still slick enough to take care of the few missed bits without the need to apply a second coat. The final result has thus far been a thoroughly clean shave without mishap, and an adequately moisturised face.
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
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    • Tallowless Equates To Quality Lost
    • by anonymous
    • Once a mighty fine soap, when it included tallow. Sadly, shift of production to a different manufacturer sees the quality diminish due to the elimination of tallow and inferior replecement of palm oil. Scent is absolutely divine, if not upon the muted side, which makes it a real pity, as it could still be a regular in my rotation if it was the stronger scented tallow version that lathered just looking at it
      Would you recommend it? : No