Assam Tea Candle
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Assam Tea Candle

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  • Celebrating the great British tradition of tea drinking, our Tea collection is based upon some of our most popular teas – Earl Grey, Assam and Neroli (Lady Grey). As restorative as a good brew, they scent the home beautifully.

    Our Assam Tea Candle is robust and reviving, shot thorough with green herbs and glorious rose. A bright and sunny blend. Assam tea has distinctive, flecked brown and gold leaves, a robust flavour, bright with a smooth, malt pungency.

    This decadent candle burns for up to 110 hours and is housed in beautifully opalescent glass. Burn time: 110 hours Height: 115mm, Diameter: 117mm

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    • The best of all candles with a long-lasting burn and beautiful fragrance. Gorgeous!
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