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A Picnic in the Meadow Candle

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  • A Picnic in the Meadow with a pillowy blanket of grass, suggested by herbal notes of new mown hay, clary sage and clover, whilst sun-warmed hay, amber, oakmoss and patchouli provide a luminous, balmy breeze.
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    wrtie a review
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    • Absolutely Gorgeous Very Balmy And Warm Summer Evening Comes To Mind
    • by amanda
    • a very warm gorgeous scented candle. warm balmy summer evenings in the meadow or on the villa terrace at night , lovely
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    • Delicious Candle
    • by Oliver
    • I have recently been given this candle as a gift and would like to express my delight of the wonderful power of the scent, it fills my rooms without being lit. lovely.
      Would you recommend it? : Yes